Pass me a forty

ABC news wonders, “What Beer Will Obama Choose for White House Meeting?”  (the meeting between Professor Skip Gates and his arresting officer).  That’s a tough one, but if you’ve even been to a party store in Detroit, you know what your choices are.  A massive billboard on Detroit’s west side shows Billy Dee William’s smiling face with the words, “Colt 45: Works Every Time!”  40ozcollection02Of course, when looking to subdue The Black Man, Colt 45 isn’t your only choice.   There are a number of fine malt liquours available, most of them significantly higher in alcohol content then regular beer, and many available in 40 oz. bottles so that you won’t run out of your “medicine”. 

You could also choose a fortified wine, like Thuderbird (“What’s the word? Thuderbird! What’s the action? Satisfaction!”)  That’ll work too.  I’m glad that Obama has found a teachable moment here.  What will we teach each other?  That we are still so far apart on race that it’s OK to go on national TV and claim that the President isn’t a real American?  That a good cop and a famous professor, both well-informed on race relations can still end up in a imbroglio that makes international headlines? 

Or maybe they should just sit in the Roosevelt Room and suck down a couple of 40s of Olde English 800 and forget that this is supposed to be “post-racial” America.

3 Responses to Pass me a forty

  1. scribbler50 says:

    Just noticed you’ve put me in your Clique. Very much appreciated!

  2. scribbler50 says:

    Thanks for the warning!

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