Brownshirts intimidate citizens at health care forums

Health care reform is a big fucking deal—for everyone. The Democrats are making a big push, holding town hall meetings to discuss their plan. Republicans are probably holding meetings about how to approach the problem, but the Dems are trying to pass their plan, and these meetings are political acts to aid in this.

But all political acts are not created equal. If a senator is giving a speech, shouting protesters are fighting speech with speech. In this case, the senator, if he feels his message didn’t get across, can simply make a TV speech or use any other venue—he has lots of ways of spreading his message.

But town hall meetings, even blatantly political ones (is there any other kind?) allow citizens to speak. It’s not the same political act as a speech. It is democracy.

Unless loud-mouthed thugs organized by the Republicans show up to shout down the meeting, silencing not just the politician but his constituents as well. This is an undemocratic act of High Goatfuckery. It is pure intimidation, designed not to enhance the discussion of how or whether to reform health care, but to shut it down and make sure no one but the Brownshirts gets to speak.

And the fact that these fascists are closely associated with gun nuts is not lost on anyone.  This isn’t politics, this isn’t democracy.  This is fascism.  This is disgusting.

18 Responses to Brownshirts intimidate citizens at health care forums

  1. Stephanie Z says:

    Oh, but lefties do exactly the same thing. Didn’t you know? It says so right in the right wing’s talking points. Because, of course, protesting half a mile from a national convention keeps anybody from talking AND is organized by Democratic Party operatives. Completely parallel situation, that is.

  2. Steve says:

    Sweet Christ, the hypocrisy never ends on this site.

    Lets take a peek at what you liberals consider to be good, ol’ fashion protesting.

    These civil liberals have nothing on the crazies that booed Arlen Spector though. Or the protestor who held a sign of Lloyd Doggett with devil’s horns painted on it. Man, the nerve of some people.

  3. tu quoque is an argument for those who have not argument.

  4. Stephanie Z says:

    But thanks for the pics of the naked, gay communists, Steve. That was hot. Didn’t you think so? I bet you have that page bookmarked.

  5. Steve says:

    The next time I have an argument with a libtard who doesn’t try to incorrectly shoehorn in as many logical fallacy comments as possible will be my first.

  6. Steve says:

    Stephanie – it’s funny that an open-minded person such as your self would try to insult me by insinuating that I’m gay. Is there something wrong with being gay? I personally have no problem with gay folks, so I find your comment shallow and offensive.

  7. Stephanie Z says:

    No, Steve. I’m mocking you for having vapors over the protests on that site and thinking they are in any way comparable to the disruption of assemblies for the purpose of conducting the business of a representative democracy. “Oh, noes! Peoples marching on the street with signs! Godwinism! Naked people hanging out in trees!” If that’s the best you can do by way of parallel, you’re doing your side of the argument no favors.

  8. Funky Fresh says:

    How long until everyone’s favorite DAOTI appears?

  9. Stephanie Z says:

    Oh, Funky Fresh, are you really that obsessed? I was hoping it wasn’t true.

  10. Steve says:

    Stephanie – It’s just a bit ridiculous that you find an old blue hair yelling at Arlen Spector to be offensive while at the same time condoning a sign that says that all of Israel must die.

    I believe in people and all of their personal freedoms. You obviously believe in a forced code of conduct and strict speech restrictions. Hopefully you know how to march in lock step with the rest of your “peace loving” followers.

  11. Stephanie Z says:

    Steve, the reading comprehension fail of that last comment wasn’t good enough for you? You had to add hypocrisy?

    TT, Steve didn’t comment under his own name at my place (wonder why). If I shoot you the URL that told me I should die ASAP, mind confirming whether it’s Steve?

  12. Funky Fresh says:


  13. I’ll check, but as misguided and wrong as Steve is, that doesn’t seem to be his style.

  14. Stephanie Z says:

    No need, but thanks. Steve left a message at my blog apologizing for his friends doing something “funny” with his unguarded computer.

  15. mk says:

    Ah this is funny. I’ve seen “both sides” complaining about the same thing! The R’s say nobody will listen to them blab lies and the L’s say nobody will listen to them blab lies!

  16. mk says:

    The problem here is that too many want to “speak” and not enough want to listen or even read for that matter.

  17. tu quoque is an argument for those who have not argument.

    Wait a fucking minute! Now you’re blogging about motherfucking wool beanies!?!?!? This blog really is a piece of shit.

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