Dumbest. Argument. Ever.

Y’all already know about the whole Barny Frank pwning the dumb LaRouchette at a town hall meeting.  If you forgot already, she asked why he supported a “Nazi policy” and he responded that arguing with her would be as productive as arguing with a “dining room table.”  Ouch.

The Dumbassosphere is searching long an hard (heh…I said, “long and hard”) for a way to make this look good for them.  One of my favorite arguments is exemplified by this is unsourced, representative quote that I might have pulled out of my ass, or maybe found somewhere in the tubes or the radio or something:

If I EVER had spoken to my boss like that I would be FIRED. His response should have been more ADULT like. How about, “Bringing in a sign like that really doesn’t help your cause. I suggest next time, that you try and focus on what exactly your issues are. That would make it easier to respond.”…
WE THE PEOPLE are technically HIS BOSS. Does he treat everyone poorly? Had she been a black or hispanic woman, I’m guessing he would NEVER had said the things he did.

Heh.  I love that one.  It’s so…dumb.  It outlines perfectly the insular goatfuckery of the Right.  This is so dumb it actually makes my head hurt.  It’s a dumb, dumb, stupidly idiotic fucking argument.  If you weren’t sure why, let me explain.

“His response should have been more adult”???  Why?  Who are you to tell him how to argue with a dumb-ass?  Oh wait, you go on to explain it.  Apparently “we the people” are his boss.  But who are “we the people”?  Are they you?  Are they the hordes of black and brown people that are apparently surrounding you and trying to steal your precious bodily fluids?  Did you ever, you know, maybe consider that Frank’s constituents aren’t as slavishly stupid as you, and may have wanted just such a response from their representative?

No.  You did not consider these things.  Still, the best Fox and Friends can do with this pwnage is cry about how “rude” Frank was.  Fuckwads.  It’s not rude to insult someone who calls you a Nazi (you know…unless it’s true).  If he hadn’t called her out, he’d be guilty of abetting her ass-douchiness, and that’s not cool.

11 Responses to Dumbest. Argument. Ever.

  1. BikeMonkey says:

    It kills me watching the fucknuts having to inhibit Teh Ghey cracks they are making off camera. It knocks 10 pts off their ability to respond to this, easy. Then there’s Limbaugh…

  2. If I EVER had spoken to my boss like that I would be FIRED.

    If my grandmother had balls she would have been my grandfather. Suck my fucking dick asswad!

  3. Suck my fucking dick asswad!

    That was rather uncivil.

  4. Rude? Rude? Are you fucking kidding me?
    I thought Barney let her off easy!
    If they want rude responses to that woman’s asshattery, I’m sure we can come up with a few.

  5. Stephanie Z says:

    Ooh. New Twitter hashtag: #youwantrude

  6. Martin says:

    They can’t argue with the facts (or the truth) of what Barney Frank said, so they criticize him for being rude. It reminds of arguing with my mother when I was a child – she couldn’t come up with a rational response to something I said, so she’d start yelling at me about speaking to her in “that tone of voice.” I recognized a lame attempt at evasion then and I sure as heck recognize it now.

  7. That was rather uncivil.

    When you’re done sucking my dick, suck my fucking nutsack.

  8. John Swindle says:

    Comrade PhysioProf:
    I’m sure he meant “That was awesomely uncivil”.

  9. Lou FCD says:

    That “argument” didn’t get any better subsequently, either.

    “He is getting PAID to deal with the PUBLIC. It’s like a waitress flipping you off because you don’t like the food. SHE would be fired!”

    um… no. Analogy FAIL.

  10. Dan J says:

    When you’re done sucking my dick, suck my fucking nutsack.

    You know what CPP? Sometimes I absolutely have to fucking agree with you.

    #youwantrude ?!??!!11!eleventy!!?

    I am so going to get mileage out of that hashtag, Stephanie. Thanks.

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