Do they still lock up crazy folks? Glenn? Do they?

In case you missed it, Glenn Beck now sees hidden commie messages everywhere, even in the friezes of New York’s capitalist monuments. Now, most people who are this batshit insane are unemployed and bumming cigs from college students (mostly because of a crappy public mental health system). Somehow, Glenn has stayed employed and off the streets. Wouldn’t you think the Right would have gotten this guy locked up already? Isn’t he giving them a bad name?

No, he’s sucking all the criticism away from where it really belongs. He can rant and rave all he wants, and it’s kind of funny, but the GOP knows that if it weren’t for Glenn and Rush (and Ann and Debbie and Fox ad nauseam) then people would have more time to look at the actual goatfuckery permeating the Right’s discourse. While we watch Glenn like a car crash in progress, or listen to Rush with jaws on the floor, the McConnells, Liebermans, and other Right wing assholes are dismantling health care reform by making it either unpalatable or by putting in “triggers” for the public option that can be removed later.

So while we rightly mock the wackos, we need to mock and scorn those on the same “side” who don’t speak out against them. Don’t let them hide behind the ideologues. Call them out (especially Lieberman, that opportunistic fuck).

5 Responses to Do they still lock up crazy folks? Glenn? Do they?

  1. Lieberman is the smarmiest skankiest sleaziest motherfucker I have ever encountered in my entire life.

  2. dianabug says:

    You guys need your mouth’s washed out with good strong soap!
    Only people with really small minds resort to this level of discourse.

    • Dan says:

      It’s a fair concern, dianabug, but it’s not like there’s no substance behind the swearing. The whole purpose of invective is to add extra emphasis, and clearly the author is just an emphatic sort of person.

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