I can tell you’re a mom by your chubby breasts which no longer excite me

Some Swedish dude with a blog thinks he can tell a mommie from an infertile whore by how skinny and hot the whore is. He’s pretty sure mommies are fat milch cows, and while that’s just who you want making babies in your house, you definitely want a young skinny bitch on the pill when it’s time to get down to business, if you know what I mean.

You gotta go read it. He’s a genius.

7 Responses to I can tell you’re a mom by your chubby breasts which no longer excite me

  1. El Picador says:

    Ummmm, but his point about fake adverts? Wuz Gut.

    I mean those Swedernosts are still recovering from the bud light bikini team thing, eight?

  2. Yowza- if I’m ever a mom, I totally intend to be hot and skinny and infertile looking!!!11!!! Fuck that shit.

    Where’ve ya been, holmes?

  3. We’re glad you’re back. The intertubez loses half of its goatfucking everytime you go away.

  4. Misogynist F. Asshat says:

    Yeah, what an idiot. I mean, he’s SWEDISH, right, so he MUST be an idiot. God bless the feminist paradise that is the USA.

  5. Huh?

    I don’t think his idiocy is a function of his Swed-iness.

  6. OniOne says:

    The guy probably has a case… in SWEDEN! If he came to Britain he wouldn’t be able to tell a mother from her daughter. If I’m honest I have to say I can’t tell the mother’s from the father’s here, they all share the characteristic of prepuberty.

    Those billboards portraying models posing as families, advertising toothpaste with relatively normal features, white smiles, and perfect bodies… they’re my windows into the real world… don’t spoil it.

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