Square-headed cluelessness

Famous atheist blogger PZ Myers has a piece up about a writer who apparently had an “enhanced” experience courtesy of US border guards.   I am completely unsurprised that border guards would rough someone up and treat them disrespectfully.  I am also unsurprised that another arrogant white dude seems shocked that people are mistreated by law enforcement officials.    But seriously, PZ cracks me up—he’s no goatfucker or anything, but the guy’s hilarious:

Watts is a big nerd, not a violent thug, and any provocation he might have offered would have been physically non-threatening, and the border guards should be constrained by the law and by an expectation of civility.

PZ wins funniest blogger of the decade with that one.  I’m no border guard, but I am a white dude, so I know I can usually expect courteous treatment at the hands of the police.  Not so for my duskier neighbors.  I’ve got this buddy Mohammed (yeah, his real name…it’s the most common name in the world) who is regularly pulled over at every border crossing, every TSA checkpoint, every goddamn thing.  I also live very near a city full of people with much darker skin than I—they all look like a bunch of “thugs” really—and they report getting disrespected all the time.  This disrespect often involves getting your body disrepected with fists, clubs, and pepper spray.  But it’s cool because they don’t look like a bunch of nerdy writers—-they look like baggy-pant, gun-carrying, crack-smoking thugs, so they should really expect a police beatdown once in a while.

11 Responses to Square-headed cluelessness

  1. garth says:

    i think he was talking about how the provocation was non-threatening, ie if someone had offered a threatening provocation then they would be breaking whatever civil expectation supposedly existed. i don’t think he was saying “if someone’s black they will be beaten because black people are scary”. i dunno if he actually thinks that, i have no evidence. but the words written seem to be talking about provocation and appearance is secondary.

  2. El Picador says:

    garth you dumbfuck, white suburban dipshits are always outraged when their “non-threatening” assertion of their rights ends up with a beat down. They never seem to consider that exactly the same fucking “non-threatening” assertion of rights or hell, no assertion of anything, much more frequently results in a beat down for those with darker skin or names like Mohammed. This cluelessness is funny. Not as funny as goatfucking chancres like Sen. Lie-berdouche, but funny.

  3. Zuska says:

    No wai! A white writerly d00d was disrespected by the police??? For no good reason??? I am totes writing my congressperson to complain that the border patrol is wasting time and energy that they could be using to rough up dark-skinned folk!!!

  4. Stephanie Z says:

    TT, you completely underestimate how privileged Watts is. It doesn’t get more privileged than having friends like Cory Doctorow and the Nielsen Haydens to write up your story with eloquence and bile to make it very easy to pass around and drum up outrage.

    So why haven’t I heard about your friend Mohammed before?

  5. bikemonkey says:

    Who is “cory doctorow”? does he like goats?

  6. Greg Laden says:

    I hate those tings that fly out when my mouse goes over a link.

  7. I hate those tings that fly out when my mouse goes over a link.

    What the fuck are you talking about, holmes?? I don’t see any tings.

  8. El Picador says:

    Tings, CPP, you know, motherfucking *tings*! good god, try to keep up man.

  9. El Picador says:

    Hai TT, what’s up with the Fox Pundit staff meeting picture in the header? You work with the Hannity show?

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